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“The need for greater urgency was made exceedingly clear” by a Net Zero Action Plan five-year review released in December, Siddiqui and Nolan wrote in a Thursday missive to the council, noting that citywide greenhouse gas emissions are unchanged since 2003 while the state and Harvard reduced overall emissions by 20 percent and 30 percent even as both grew. It says the city will have to accelerate emissions reductions twentyfold over the next 10 years to meet its goals, a “sobering assessment [that] means immediate action is needed.” “We woke up a week ago and smelled smoke from the fires out west,” said Nolan on Monday, underscoring the need for swift climate action. “It is a hard lift.” The group will convene up to six times over the next three months. Rally participants gather Monday on the lawn in front of Cambridge City Hall. (Photo: Daniel Wang) In addition to announcing the working group , Siddiqui and Nolan – with councillor Quinton Zondervan – introduced an order on protecting the city’s tree canopy . The order proposes treating trees as “essential infrastructure” even for municipal and affordable-housing projects, citing their ability to mitigate heat islands, improve air quality and bolster psychological well-being. “If Cambridge is going to be in a position to fight the impending climate crisis, we must do everything we can to preserve our tree canopy,” the order reads, emphasizing the impending removal of nearly 100 trees at the Tobin Montessori and Vassal Lane Upper School site. Though Siddiqui charter-righted the order until September, it received enthusiastic support from attendees at an afternoon rally in front of City Hall and from around a dozen residents during the remote meeting’s public comment period. “I want to ask how a … city like Cambridge, so rich in intellectual firepower, apparently can take for granted the elimination of roughly 16 acres of trees a year – which has happened in the last 15 years or so – without attempting to mitigate the loss and sustain the city’s tree canopy?” said Linda Moussouris, of the Porter Square Neighborhood Association. Several residents pointed to issues of environmental justice, noting that less affluent areas of the city were losing their canopies faster than their better-resourced counterparts. “Low-income people are always taking the brunt of the collective irresponsibility to the planet,” Jefferson Park resident Sarah Boyer said. “If this was happening in West Cambridge, people would have stopped this from ever being debated.” East Cambridge resident Heather Hoffman homed in on a similar point: “It has become very clear to me that one of the messages that we send to poor people, especially poor people of color, [is that] we don’t much care about them because they don’t get beautiful places to be. They get asphalt … And I think we owe them better.” Tufts environmental researcher Jonathan Harris, meanwhile, emphasized that the damage of killing mature trees is not so easily reversed. “Many people believe that when mature trees are cut, the damage can be compensated for by replanting,” he said. “A project that removes a tree 18 inches in diameter and replaces it with a smaller useful content tree 4 inches in diameter will result in significant ecological loss.” Mid-Cambridge’s John Pitkin also corrected a common misconception – the idea that “trees are solitary beings.” John Pitkin, in a tan baseball cap, listens Monday to a rally speaker before giving public comment to the City Council. (Photo: Tyler Motes) “Trees communicate and share resources through the roots and air, and large trees nurture small ones,” he said. “This new scientific understanding means that our policy of replacing large trees with greater numbers of small trees is as misguided as the policy of replacing elementary school teachers with greater numbers of students with the hope they develop into teachers.” A debate online in recent days over the value of protecting trees over building more housing wasn’t reflected in Monday’s public comment. Speaker Christopher Schmidt said the tradeoff at the Tobin and Vassal site was a worthy one, since it was for a stormwater runoff tank. “These are not things that we need to hold in competition. We really need to do all of these things to the best of our ability,” he said. Electric bikes, Jerry’s Pond and lab buildings Though the fate of the resolution on trees won’t be decided for another month, an order to throw the city’s support behind a state-level bill to regulate electric bicycles  passed without comment at Monday’s meeting, as did an order to commit city resources toward revitalizing Jerry’s Pond , a polluted former swimming hole on land bought recently by the life science real estate giant IQHQ.

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(Freiermuth 26, Parsons 13, Oweh 8.) Traditionally, a coach would expect to at least get double that. (Or, maybe, such expectations are a thing of the past. Think Shane Conlan, the College Football HOFer who lettered for four seasons, and led PSU in tackles in 1984 and ’86. Conlan was an unheralded recruit, discovered by Tom Bradley on the high school basketball court, who stuck around to lead the most experienced Nittany Lion roster to a national title in 1986, after falling an orange short in ’85.) Of that 2018 class, 11 remain at Penn State for what will be their fourth season of football. Seven others have transferred (30%) and two more never played a down, due to medical issues. Franklin signed a total of 137 players from 2014 to 2019. Of that group, an eye-popping 33 went on the NFL in one form or another (24%) – which includes players in NFL camps now. However, even more players transferred, for one reason or another. Total transfers in that time numbered 48, which is 35%. Some left because a star like Saquon Barkey was ahead of then; others got their degree and opted to finish their college careers and eligibility elsewhere (Hello, Juwan; Hello, Tommy). The jury is out on the Class of 2016 and beyond. But we know this: That NFL number will certainly rise. Of course, so will the transfer number. So, using Franklin’s first four recruiting classes (2014-2017), since all eligibilities are used up and the results are in, the numbers stack up this way: If you want to extrapolate that, as great as the Class of 2022 is shaping to be, it is way too early to foresee their fate – and that of the Nittany Lions under their time on the field. It is not hard to suggest of the 24 verbals now under the fold after a raucous July that saw 12 commitments, one-third will go to the NFL and one-third will transfer. Speaking of The Big July, that is traditionally Franklin’s biggest month for securing verbals. That is no surprise, since it’s coming on the heels of PSU football camps, visits both official and unofficial, and the Lasch Bash.